What is the Human Rights Café?

The Human Rights Café has been created by Claus Staal (one of the teachers and member of the PR board of IPC) and his lovely wife, Adriana. The idea was to built a nice and cosy place where students can feel free to discuss about any subject, mainly Human Rights and issues of the world. But also a calm place to chill out and taste nice teas and sweet things.


Home made peer muffins sold @HRC. Photo Credit : Hadas Tal

The first version of the Human Rights Café included several rooms like a TV room, the main bar… The idea was to let students runing it. Finally, fault of time to manage it, the Human Rights Café ended on the hands of EVS Volunteers, as their main mission.

By runed, we understand manage the budget, organise activities, prepare hot drinks and bake cakes… This is a really complete project management.

Students in HRC

Students spending good time @HRC. Photo Credit: Hadas Tal

Years after years, the place evolved, growing and being decored with ideas of every volunteers, helped by students of each terms. Now, a lot of workshops are organised there, a lot of clubs take place there, but the global idea of a nice place to feeling free to be whoever you are and think whatever you want is maintained.

Here is a promotion video realised by movie making class during spring term 2017 for the HRC.


HRC header 1

Human rights cafe and the “We Love Human Rights” baseline