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In the middle of Christmas, with the New Year’s resolutions just around the corner, I was in Ranum in search of new projects, with my radar alert and with several options to continue my journey in Denmark, an opportunity appeared that caught my attention. One day, browsing through the Erasmus + page, I discovered a “Last call” for a project that, apart from the “urgency”, fit my expectations. The description provided resonated in my head and made me more and more interested, it was the management of the ‘’The Human Rigths Cafe’’ promoted by the IPC Alumni Association at the IPC Hojschool in Elsinor.

It was then when guided by my curiosity and initiative, I decided to contact the school by referring to the person in charge, it was the first time I heard of Bogna. At that time, I decided to apply by sending my CV and my cover letter, also, since I was in Denmark I insisted on getting to know each other to exchange impressions and mutual expectations.

Bogna thought it was good, that’s when I started the trip, I crossed Jylland and Sjaelland in one day, I was about to meet IPC. We had met at lunchtime, at that time this fact went unnoticed, however, later an act as daily as this would take on true meaning, I will explain the reason later.

As surprising as Bogna seemed cool, she was cool, she was half blonde, half brunette, okay, it’s 0:20 hours in Spain and we are in quarantine, after 45 days of confinement, I think it’s starting to show results. Oh Mother!! Let’s go back to history.

It turns out that the food at the IPC is a kind of collaborative ritual, in which everyone participates and breathes a family and community atmosphere, in which responsibilities and delicious dishes are shared, yes, I already perceived this from the first day.

In my head, the IPC was a multi-cultural college, where people from many different places and cultures lived together, this encouraging mental scenario was confirmed as soon as I entered. Bogna welcomed me and I also had the opportunity to meet Angelo (incredible as it may seem he didn’t say a word, we apologize because he was sick) (very sick actually 😉).

Speaking about the project, we discussed the possibility of transmitting my passion for dance and mixing my objectives of social inclusion on the axes that support this project, multiple synergies appeared to me. They gave me flexibility and they were expecting a certain amount of initiative from me, which finally helped me to decide on this project, although at that time the decision had not yet been made. Inside me, there was a mixture of fears and enthusiasm that I had to channel, I was going to Spain on vacation and maybe it was a good time to make the decision valuing all the things.

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Spanish lessons

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#11 DAY 200 OF AN EVS

gemI think that you can never realize how fast time flies until you experience your EVS, and the truth is that this acknowledge is not so funny to receive, since you start to feel it mostly when you’re about to end the project and you start considering all the things that you could have done and you didn’t, feeling that you hadn’t profit your stay or that you hadn’t squeezed enough the EVS. Truth is that you’re kind of biased of reasoning since the end is approaching. Luckily for the volunteers, the fact of having to make a Youth pass can bring us back to reality and face all the things that we have done, and all the new skills learned. So basically, everything that the EVS has made a little impact on our lives, and let me tell you, the list isn’t too short.

You might wonder with my post today starts like this. Well, this post will be the last one from my side. Writing today on my 200th day of the EVS means that there are just 10 days left to enjoy, deliver activities, pack all my stuff and leave IPC once and for all (and we still haven’t even started the Alumni Summer Camp!). It is a strange mix of feelings what I’m experiencing right now. From one side I can’t neglect the fact that I’m sad to leave IPC which it has been my home for the past 7 months but on the other side, I can’t wait to see the future projects and enrol in new adventures, mostly thanks to the self-confidence boost obtained during the EVS.  But who would believe it? 200 days flew by and I’m still feeling like it was yesterday when I landed in Denmark with my big luggage and my brain full of ideas for the Human Rights Café. Some of them have become a reality and some of them will still remain undone. So, this post will be a bit different from the previous ones, I will start making a little recap of the major events that happened since the last post and then, I will do a little overview and personal evaluation of the EVS – like a goodbye letter.

Since the last recap I made, some events happened. As you know the last post ended with the hopes that we (Glënn & I) had for the midterm training, and from here I would like to thank Cecilia and Tobias, trainers from the NA, for an amazing job and reaching all expectations. For the midterm training, we were gathered in CPH with the other EVS volunteers in Denmark. The excursion to Christiania was the ultimate highlight, having the chance to experience it from the locals’ point of view. And we discovered a different side of CPH – the ultimate side was to experience “Distortion” just in the street in front of the hostel we were staying in, speechless. We had also started discussing the Youth Pass during the last day of the training. And as for the other volunteers, there was a strange mix of feelings, on one side it was wonderful to meet all again, on the other one, it was so sad to not know when we will meet again. Hopefully, the project of the EVS volunteers’ reunion will become a reality in the few upcoming years.

The training worked as a boost of energy for Glënn & I to start working on the last activities we wanted to do before the end of the term. We did the activity “One album, one canvas and 100 doodlers”, the result of which is now hanging in the basement next to the HRC – a collaboration between Glënn & the art club to create with the students of the term, something extremely unique – and they clearly achieved it.


The final result getting dry

IMG_5251A week later, on June 5, 2019, I had the chance to be the “teacher” of “Exploring Denmark” – of course, the topic was linked to my passion (and my personal EVS project) so the class I taught was nothing else than “CSR in Denmark”. As a difference with the previous workshop that I made during alternative weeks, this was more focused to be as a class, so the students would just listen to the theoretical framework and then we would go to the analysis of some major renown Danish companies such as LEGO, Maersk or Carlsberg.

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