Former volunteers’ words



Pip, from England, has been one of our two Spring term 2017 volunteer

“My name is Pip, I was an EVS volunteer during the Spring term 2017. I had been a student at IPC in 2006 and 2007 and I had always thought about returning in some capacity. When I saw the EVS application the first time I never got around to filling it out. When I saw it the second time I was visiting an IPC friend in Paris. I showed her that I had the application, half filled in on my phone for a few weeks and she made me finish and send it then and there! IPC is such a special place and I was very excited to call it my home again. My main project during the term was getting the old photographic darkroom back in working order and I was really satisfied with the results! Aside from that, it was wonderful to be part of a community again. Meeting and living with people from all over the world is so special. It renewed my focus and helped me assess what is important in my life going forward, and the direction I want to head next.”


Justyna, from Poland, is the other Spring Term 2017 volunteer

“Hi! My name is Justyna. I was EVS volunteer in Spring term 2017. I always wanted to take part in EVS and during my studies I participated in other short-term voluntary services. I started to work and at some point I took courage to apply for  EVS (there is a certain age until which you can participate in the program if you know what I mean). I’m very happy that IPC became a destination of my stay. In here you can meet entire world in one place, try out a lot of new things with support and positive attitude of people around you – they are not judging. You can learn about diffrent lifestyles and cultures. I adored very democratical structure of the school and how the staff is collaborating. For the first time I liked Mondays! Did EVS changed my life? Well, maybe it did not turn my world upside down, but for sure reminded me about what is important. I am more open towards diffrent activities and emphatic. I am also more involved in volunteering after coming back.”