Life After IPC

Our final days at IPC were a whilwind of letter writing, cleaning, organising, and trying to spend as much time with the people we’ve grown to love as possible before it was time to leave. I also created an interactive summary of the project which you can see on this link. You can glimpse inside the HRC and see photos and videos of some of the activities we did this term.

This week, I started my new job in London, the experience is very different from IPC. It’s a two hour journey by train to get to my office, it makes me laugh to think how people used to complain how far away the HRC was – that two minute walk was too much!! 😂

My volunteering at the HRC has made me feel more prepared for my new job, as in my new work I am also taking ownership of a project with a similar goal of making people’s lives better and preparing them for the future, albeit in a very different way – my new project is on improving community resiliency to disasters. Volunteering at the HRC gave me so many skills which I am now using on a daily basis – for example, project management, communication, initiative-taking and time management.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the young people at IPC, to take part in the awesome adventures of the last five months, and to be able to go through this intense but amazing period of self-development. Your time at IPC is really what you make of it, and it will be unique to you, so to whoever comes in the future, forge your own path, share your past with others, enjoy the present and get excited for the future!!!😄

Much love, Nazarena