The BEST vegan chocolate cake recipe + vegan baking fails

Vegan baking? 🥴

Before Thélia and I came to the Human Rights Café, while both of us had a passion for baking, neither of us had any experience in vegan baking. But we knew that we wanted the vast majority of our bakes to be vegan, both for the purposes of inclusivity and environmentalism.

So, it was a steeeeeep learning curve to start using applesauce in baking, to mix lime juice with vegan milks, and to even decipher the names of the ingredients on some recipes! And we had our fair share of baking fails.

But there is one cake which never fails to disappoint, with icing, without icing, or even in the form of cake pops. It’s a universal winner, a flexible recipe which we can adapt to the ingredients we have on hand (oil can easily replace margarine, for example) and is always unbelievably delicious!! And it is this amazing chocolate cake!

In fact, we managed to rescue the cupcakes and the plum cake, and they were both yummy! (sorry to say, the brownie was a little beyond hope, haha).

Presentation leaves something to be desired, but it was a big hit at games night at the human rights cafĂ©. Plus we were using plums grown here at IPC and picked by the sustainable gardening class – seasonal baking FTW!

I am so excited to expand our repertoire of vegan bakes, especially using the seasonal produce we have right now here at IPC. It’s so comforting to have delicious favourites to fall back on, and exciting to experiment despite knowing sometimes things won’t turn out as we expect. For me, that sums up the experience at IPC: a lot of support and familiarity, and many opportunities to try new things, to grow and develop.

Do you want to try cooking the best vegan chocolate cake that exists? You can find the recipe here.