Two weeks at IPC: impressions, thoughts…

Hello everyone, my name is Thélia and I am one of the new volunteers of the Human Rights Café. I have been at IPC for two weeks now and I think it could be a good thing to write down my first impressions. To be honest it feels like I have been here for one or two months, I’m not sure why but time is very distorted here. I feel like I’ve known for a while the people I’ve just met, I can’t really explain it.

I am very happy and grateful to be here. I am loving the food, the people, the vibe that this place radiates, the forests nearby, the beaches, the town, and all the endless opportunities that are part of this adventure. I am still adapting and adjusting to living with so many different people, being surrounded by people all the time.

Every day is different but going at the same pace. I have been enjoying each day as much as I could, going for walks, cycling around, socialising and I still have so much to see and do! It’s a great sensation to know that the best is yet to come. I have so much to learn and discover here and I can’t wait to see all that is going to happen during the term.

I chose to come here for the project of course but also because I really wanted to discover northern countries. There was something so appealing about Scandinavia to me. Now that I’ve finally made it to Denmark I am really excited about exploring the country and it’s culture. So far I think that locals are quite friendly and I love the colorful architecture that I’m seeing in cities…

I will probably have much more to write about in a few weeks so see you then!

Thank you for reading!