IPC, the journey.


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I still have in my mind the image of the first time I stepped on the IPC, Christmas was over and it was a cold winter afternoon ❄, but without ice, which contrasted with the warmth of family moments lived in the previous dates.

Full of expectations, fears, doubts, questions, illuions, energy … I took the bus from Asturias to Madrid, I took a plane ✈ to Alborg with a stop in Amsterdam, I think it was there, when I ran the fastest 200 meters ⚡ of my life, a delay ⌛ in the connecting flight was responsible for this speed test.

Finally, I was able to board without problems, although with my heart at 200 bpm, it didn’t matter, I was on the road and as the song says “You don’t have to get there first, but you have to know how to get there.” I boarded the first train 🚆 leaving for Aarhus, I had to pick up a suitcase 🧳 to later continue my ro


ute to Copenaghe and finish my trip in Elsinor.

In my head, I had all the steps of the road clear, however, as in any trip and despite the Amsterdam sprint, destiny wanted me to live new adventures on this journey.

Once the suitcase is collected, I head to the Aarhus bus station, what a surprise to see that the bus station  was under construction …! The stops were provisionally located in another part of the city, as time was running⏰, I was forced to take a taxi🚖, we had a few minutes to get to thebus on time, luckily for me, I met the most empathetic Turkish taxi driver, fast and adrenaline-loving from all over Denmark. Far from being intimidated, given the short time available to reach the destination, he carry the suicase and stepped on the accelerator, along with a couple of maneuvers of doubful legality and a speed according to the situation, we come forward at the bus stop, literally, because the taxi driver parked the taxi in front of the bus to block the exit, with a smile he said to me, “Don’t worry, you can put your bags down and pay me with calm, the bus will not move. I assure you 😉 ’’

Now yes, I was on my way to Copenaghe, I use the bus trip to make friends, because in five hours, we had time. Upon arrival at the destination, I boarded a train again for Helsingor. There Adriana and Claus were waiting for me who kindly picked me up at the station 🚉 … Soon I will continue telling you about this adventure.