IPC, the decision 🧭


Bogna explained to me that they had a volunteer that a couple of weeks before the project started, they had to cancel for personal reasons and that it was an emergency call, I left there with the feeling of “what a more social person I like the environment”

And at the same time with a great question and if it is not my site?, what if I tell you that I am PAS? And if they judge me and tell me  it is like this. If they put labels on me? What if it is a place where when living in the same workplace, I do not have time to internalize all the emotions that due to my highly developed empathy, I process in depth.

Decide and commit to your decision:

I am going to send to my tutor a video about HSP if it is my site and it is a really open person, she is going to read it and she is going to accept it and if it is a problem and she tell me that I do not fit so  I decide not to accept it is neither the site neither the people with whom I want to work .

I asked to speak to my tutor a person that my intuition told me that I could be open  and after a long phone call, I said yes, I start and I take it as an opportunity to ACCEPT this trait to find tools like going to my room and enjoying my solitude after a day of work surrounded by many people, that is to say self-regulating.

Try, try try and Live, live, live.