Denmark, face to face

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In the middle of Christmas, with the New Year’s resolutions just around the corner, I was in Ranum in search of new projects, with my radar alert and with several options to continue my journey in Denmark, an opportunity appeared that caught my attention. One day, browsing through the Erasmus + page, I discovered a “Last call” for a project that, apart from the “urgency”, fit my expectations. The description provided resonated in my head and made me more and more interested, it was the management of the ‘’The Human Rigths Cafe’’ promoted by the IPC Alumni Association at the IPC Hojschool in Elsinor.

It was then when guided by my curiosity and initiative, I decided to contact the school by referring to the person in charge, it was the first time I heard of Bogna. At that time, I decided to apply by sending my CV and my cover letter, also, since I was in Denmark I insisted on getting to know each other to exchange impressions and mutual expectations.

Bogna thought it was good, that’s when I started the trip, I crossed Jylland and Sjaelland in one day, I was about to meet IPC. We had met at lunchtime, at that time this fact went unnoticed, however, later an act as daily as this would take on true meaning, I will explain the reason later.

As surprising as Bogna seemed cool, she was cool, she was half blonde, half brunette, okay, it’s 0:20 hours in Spain and we are in quarantine, after 45 days of confinement, I think it’s starting to show results. Oh Mother!! Let’s go back to history.

It turns out that the food at the IPC is a kind of collaborative ritual, in which everyone participates and breathes a family and community atmosphere, in which responsibilities and delicious dishes are shared, yes, I already perceived this from the first day.

In my head, the IPC was a multi-cultural college, where people from many different places and cultures lived together, this encouraging mental scenario was confirmed as soon as I entered. Bogna welcomed me and I also had the opportunity to meet Angelo (incredible as it may seem he didn’t say a word, we apologize because he was sick) (very sick actually 😉).

Speaking about the project, we discussed the possibility of transmitting my passion for dance and mixing my objectives of social inclusion on the axes that support this project, multiple synergies appeared to me. They gave me flexibility and they were expecting a certain amount of initiative from me, which finally helped me to decide on this project, although at that time the decision had not yet been made. Inside me, there was a mixture of fears and enthusiasm that I had to channel, I was going to Spain on vacation and maybe it was a good time to make the decision valuing all the things.

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