#10 DAY 140 OF AN EVS

gemHi there, it’s Gem writing. I thought it was already time to make a little update of our life in the school since today we are reaching the 140thday of the EVS, meaning that 2/3 have already passed and we have just 1/3 to squeeze the experience to the fullest and it won’t be easy, as you know, so many things to do and so little time, but we will do our best.

Anyway, allow me to make a little recap since the last post. As it is logical a few (major) things happened during this period, so let’s start from the beginning. After finishing the little Catalan Cultural Evening that we hosted on the 23rd of April, you can find more information about the day and the event in the last post (#9 Day 105 of an EVS), on the 25th of April I went to the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) for the event “Students for the Global Goals”, to learn about sustainability and the global goals and be able to deliver a workshop about it that happened very recently this week, where students were encouraged to choose one (or several) global goal(s) and plan concrete actions that could be taken at IPC in a short term vision, later on, these proposals will be handed in to the principal.


But one thing at a time, let’s recap.

On Saturday 27th of April, we had our Team Day in CPH, a lovely day enjoying the Sakura festival, then walking to Nyhavn, taking a canal boat tour, drinking a coffee in Bastard Café and ending the day in the best possible way with an amazing meal at BOB organic bistro. Glënn & I were just speechless in front of such a high-quality cuisine. (And we thought that Danes didn’t know how to cook, well, you see, it’s true that “Sorpresas te da la vida” – Life give you surprises -).


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The Team Day help us to get all the needed energy to plan and finish everything for our, well, for THE EVENT of the YEAR, yes, my friends, I’m of course talking about our REUNION WEEKEND.
Along with Alex, one of the current IMG_7368student teachers, I was in charge of creating the full booklet for the event, lots of work that ended up being totally worth it!

It was chaotic but extremely nice and the family of 100 students was for 3 days doubled which if you think about it, it is a pretty cool feeling. People were sleeping in different areas in the school and the former students had some bathroom units assigned. I think that before Reunion Weekend, I had never seen Common Room so, so, so crowded. One of the highlights of the Weekend was the band in charge of the first night, Steel jammers, composed by a group of sweet vibes young adults where Rasmus, a current student at IPC is part of it. It is always such a nice experience to discover new aspects of a friend and it is even better when they show you one of their passions. The music was just perfect, that summer vibe that made you forgot that was raining outside in the cold Denmark. 

Saturday at daytime was full with different kind of activities and workshops – from Yoga to Art Club workshop including Choir with Søren (such a classic!), so diverse that all individuals could found something of their interest.

On the big night – reserved for the mother of all parties, we enjoyed the performance of different DJs, some classics – like Dj Nikolaj and new faces such as one of the current students Adam, who surprised the crowd with his own style of Deep-chill vibe music impossible to tag but easy to enjoy.


Big family picture. Try to find Glënn and me 😉

The morning after the Reunion Weekend was over and the Project “Young Europe is Voting”, which I was part of it – as Angel’s assistant and/or participant, started. On Sunday 5th we received the participants (who were staying at the African Apartment) and we worked full time from Monday to Wednesday in the Human Rights Café. We changed the distribution to make it more a professional working space like and 23 bright minds were researching, analysing and discussing where they wanted to see the EU in the future in regard to foreign policy, concerning economy, defence and security, aid and development and the geopolitical game. 


As you can imagine, some discussions weren’t the easiest since the topics that we were treating were in themselves controversial enough. On Thursday, our partner school Brenderup Højskole arrived at IPC to merge both papers and present just one outcome for both schools. And if discussions among 20 people were tough, discussions involving 40 people weren’t easy either. Maybe we didn’t have that much of free time during this week of the project, but we learnt the practical way of how to reach agreements and make compromises, how to reach others’ opinions and bring them to a middle ground where everyone feels included. The last three days of the week happened in the most random location ever, the youth island just outside of CPH. The Ungdomsøen is an artificial island, a former military fortress that looks a little “like the end of the world happened and you find yourself alone in the middle of the sea”. (But better just judge by yourself)


It had a really powerful vibe because despite the look, the island was filled with young people committed to driving the EU, or at least trying it, to a better future and that was wonderful. We had the chance to listen to keynote speeches from Margrethe Vestager or the current prime minister of Denmark. On Saturday we had some workshops (and some free time) and on Sunday and after a hard work done by the editorial team, we presented the Ungdomsøen manifesto to the EP lead candidates for Denmark and we could hear how they would embrace our demands and work with them within their parties. If you’re curious, you can check the manifesto by yourself here. The manifesto will eventually be formally presented to the European Parliament, happening according to schedule sometime around October. Alexia, one of the current students, was selected to be part of the team presenting it.


The week after that was pretty calm because of the long weekend and finally this past week has been pretty diverse, on Wednesday we hosted a very original French lesson. We invited students to learn French while they were making crêpes, I don’t know if they learnt a lot, but the crêpes were extremely tasty. Yesterday we had the Cultural Evening for Japan and Australia and was really interesting and fun.

Today the students went to Sweden to walk along the Kulaberg and now, I’m actually waiting for the first results of the EU elections as well as discover how will be the new mayor in Barcelona (we voted for both elections today, but I voted by post in advance).

Next week from Monday to Thursday we will be in Copenhagen for the mid-term training, the last opportunity to meet with the other EVS volunteers currently in Denmark and discover the city from another view, hopefully. Also to start working on the Youth Pass.

And until here the brief update, write to you soon and have a wonderful week ahead!

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