Here it is, the dreaded month of goodbyes came. Even if Magda and I still have one month left before the end of our experience here, it’s already a part of our stay which is gone with the IPC Spring Term 2018. It just opens our eyes to make us realizing that we are really close to the end. As we say, no regrets, just love. For sure, we will never forget this term and all the good moments and opportunities that it has brought to us.

June may have been the most emotional month of our stay for now.
Why? A lot of mixed emotions : the sadness to say goodbye to the students we’ve been living with for half a year, the stress of performing such a musical as Grease for the school but also for external public, or the euphoria to participate in the 20th anniversary of the Distortion Festival.
We can also mention for us, volunteers, the second training with our friends of the EVS.

Anyway, live goes on at IPC and after the great Summer party with the staff, we are now ready for summer courses : the Danish one, the Alumni Summer Camp, and the English one.


Lucile, 2018 Spring term volunteer