When I applied for this EVS project, Bogna – our project manager – asked me which project I would love to develop during my stay at IPC. Even if the idea was blur, I instantly answered that it would be linked to music. At one month of the end of my experience, here is the story of my personal aim at IPC as a volunteer.

Teaching music revolution

B – “Do you have any idea of a project you would like to achieve as a volunteer at IPC?”
L –  “Yes, as long as I am a musician and passionated of music, I would like to develop a project around music. I was thinking of something based on cultural music share. Maybe it would be nice to share my knowledge of the music linked to the communication that I have gain during my bachelor degree. We could also organise acoustic lives at the café. In a totally different perspective, what about creating a radio for the campus?”

I didn’t understand that this sentence, during my interview for the project, would have the impact it has. But actually, few of these suggestions became true during my volunteering.
No, I didn’t have created a radio on the campus, even if it would have been a lot of fun and a real improvement for my professional and personal skills though. But on my first day at IPC, even before students arrived, I met Nikolaj, who’s teaching Music Revolution among other classes. After presenting myself, I followed Bogna and Carolina’s – one of the student teacher of this term – advices to talk about my project to him. I have to say that Nikolaj is a sweet heart, and is one of the most open minded person I ever met. He directly liked the idea of giving me the chance to develop something about music together. He offered me to join his Music Revolution class as a first step.

Simultaneously, Magdalena and I have organised the acoustic showcase sessions at The Human Rights Café. It was mainly about offering to students of the school an opportunity to show their musical talent in a familiar atmosphere, without any judgement. It has became a hit activity, all the time hugely waited by studens. A real moment of sharing, conviviality and love. A lot of good and touching memories.

After the 3 first months, when it was the transition weeks at school – when some students leave and others arrive, the opportunity for them to change their classes and pick up new ones – Nikolaj came back to me. At that time, we knew each others way better and I guess thanks to the Music Revolution Class, he learned who I was and so, trusted me enough to make our project come true. He told me it was time for us to brainstorm about how we could organise my project. We decided to maintain the subject about semiology in the multimedia contents, but focus on the place of the music on it especially. It would be “The impact of the music on the audiovisual industry”. He gave me a deadline. I taught during almost two classes.

The most challenging part has been to do it in English. Even if I can feel that I have improved a lot my language during the EVS programme, it still different to have to express ourself in a technical and really specific way. The powerpoint took me a lot of time, mainly because of that – and actually also for the fact that I have included a lot of videos to my course -. I wanted to make a pleasant powerpoint and oral presentation to give more sens to my studies and show how important it is to well share an information. It was a way to promote communication studies to students who could still be lost concerning their future.

It has been a really nice experience because I felt like it has a lot interested students, and I had good feedbacks from them and Nikolaj after that. He told me that I have raised the challenge. But the most important thing is : I actually took a lot of fun and pleasure to think and prepare the content of the course, and after that sharing it with IPC. It has reminded me how much I like and I am interested on my studies.

Lucile, spring term 2018 volunteer