#8 AKANE, Japan

Akane Kono, 22, Japan


Akane has grow up a lot thanks to her 3 months spent during the Spring term 2018 at IPC. Credit Photo : Nam Le Cat Phuong

“I left Japan a few months ago to backpack alone to Thailand, Cambodia, India, Turkey and Bulgaria before arriving here in Denmark. After my stay at IPC I’ll continue my journey in Spain, Peru and the US. Going abroad was my big dream. By growing up I gradually became a negative person because many people told me I wasn’t capable of doing what I dreamt of and I thought my life was quite boring. At 19 I met a really funny and cheerful person who changed my life by inspiring me, I really loved him. I started reading many books and being more willing to meet new people. He was older than me and traveled a lot before. I worked part time at Disneyland to earn money. In Japan, society is very strict and everyone’s life is similar : you study, work and build a family. I wanted to find out who I am and go out of this line. Many people criticized me because I stopped University. I had to hand in my plans to the university because I belong to them, I had to convince them that I could travel. In Japan you always belong to an institution. They didn’t allow me to travel in certain parts of the world, like Africa and Middle East as they considered it too dangerous. Today I am very happy even though my freedom is not complete. In Japan I didn’t have time to think about myself and have any hobby. I always wanted to learn how to play guitar but I never had the opportunity. While in Turkey I met a Japanese man who was travelling the world with his motorbike and his guitar. I wanted him to teach me guitar so I decided to buy one. There were many disadvantages because it’s an extra cost when you travel. Usually when I have to make a decision I always think first about the pros and the cons, I am very rational and think about it a lot. For the first time I listened to my heart. This is so important for me. Buying a guitar is the best decision I ever made in my life.”