Life at IPC can sometimes be intense : there is people everywhere, plenty activities are proposed, so we are struggling between discovering the world around us and have a rest of this frenzy. That’s why this initiative – in collaboration with the club/workshop committee – is born : what a better way to propose a casual way to chill than to organise an 1 pm – 1 am non stop screening movies?

Movie marathon day

Lying on matress watching the last Disney movie, Coco

The purpose of this activity was to propose a cosy way to have a rest but still being together and share something. How to do that? Matress, popcorn, cakes and sweet drinks, and 5 movies to binge watch. We decided to include the Human Rights Café to this activity by suggesting a mobile stand into the sreening room.

This idea came out during a meeting with the club/workshop committee which I am part of. We decided to organise a poll on the IPC 2018 spring term facebook group to let the students decide on the theme of the marathon. Beforehand, we have choosen several topics that we found interesting and relevant :
1) Love from the World (Good Romance Movies from all over)
2) Humans vs. Technology and Human vs. nature
3) Human vs. space and Human vs. nature
4) Bestseller Books Turned Into Movies
5) Best Movies of 2017
Finally, the last one has been chosen by the majority.

The main difficulty with this topic – which was to me the worst one… – is that the “best movie” consideration is really subjective. We were struggeling on our choice on “What does best movies of mean to them?”. Blockbusters? Oscar movies? Sagas? Finally, we decided to do a mix of all of it. Here is the final time table :
– 13.15 : Lady Bird ( 2018 nominated movie for the Oscar Price)
– 15.00 : BPM (Original Tittle : 120 battements par minute. French movie about AIDS and an activist NGO called Act Up which won everal French and intrnational prices)
– 19.00 : Coco (Cartoon, last Disney Movie)
– 21.00 : The Post (2018 nominated movie for the Oscar Price with a wellknown cast – Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks -)
– 23.00 : It (Adaptation of the bestseller Stephen King book)
By my huge surprise, the movie which has been the most successful of the day is It ..! Probably because during the day on a Saturday, students went downtown or in Copenhagen. And also because watching an horror movie with a lot of people is really fun.

HRC mobile stand

The casual HRC mobile stand, near the fire place

It also have been a huge successful day for the HRC stand. We sold lemonade, hot chocolate, apple pie, popcorn and chocolate cake (all home made except for the pop corn). We have been sold out before the last movie ! We own more than 500 kr.

We are very proud of this activity which has been one of the best since our beggining here. I am hoping it’s going to be inspiring for the future.

Lucile, 2018 Spring term volunteer