Smørrebrød is the most famous typical danish food. Basically, it is kind of a toast. But don’t say that to a danish person, it would be offending considering it is almost a religion there. Did you know that there is special studies to being a smørrebrød cook in Denmark?


Smørrebrød cooked by students of IPC during their “Discovering Denmark” class

Smørrebrød? What is it?

This danish speciality usually consists of a piece of buttered rye bread (rugbrød), a dense, dark brown bread. It’s like an open sandwich. Then, on the top of it, we usually add any kind of topping. but there’s some typical ones : salmon, breaded white fish, some piece of meat (usually rosebeef or bacon and paté), eggs, or shrimps. Of course, some remoulade, butter or other sauce are added, as some fresh vegetables. The smørrebrød is a cold meal.

Smorrebrod 2

Trying professional smørrebrød in a typical danish restaurant during the first EVS training

My experience of the smørrebrød

I have to admit that I am not a big fan of it. I tried it twice. Once at school but it was made by students. An other time in a typical danish restaurant in Jelling during the first EVS training. And the second time, even if it was made by a professional cook, hasn’t changed my opinion of it.
It’s a nice meal, but sounds like something to eat quickly between two activities, like a snack. It can be understand considering danish are not used to eat a lot at lunch. Plus, this kind of bread is a little bit too dry to me. Maybe as a french, I am too used to the baguette. Even if the freshness of vegetables is really appreciable, and even if I really like remoulade (one of my best discovering here), smørrebrød are usually not enough tasty to me.
On the other hand, I love how this speciality looks like : fresh, colourful and healthy.
I still can say that my favorite one is the rosbeef one, with fried onions and remoulade.

Lucile, 2018 spring term volunteer