#4 – Discovering Graffity’s World


William passionately explaning graffity as a part of the urban life, while showing a video in HRC

The Oxford Dictionnary says about grafitty that it is Writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.
But is it simply an illegal thing? Can’t we considere it as art, or as something cultural at least? For William, one of our spring term 2018 belgian student, it is more than art, it is as important as breathing to him. According to him, it is a big part of underground identity for every city. So he wanted to share his passion with others students, to teach a little bit about this “graffity world”. In an informal way for sure.Is there a better place than Human Rights Café to host it?

We talked about art, graffity culture, history, and basics rules of the milieu… It was like a journey into the underground environment of Bruxelles. Yes, the presentation was mainly about showing different styles of graffity from Bruxelles, because of William’s hometown.

Students trying graffities

Students trying some graffities during William’s presentation

But what a success. The Human Rights café haven’t been as full as on this Friday evening. And considering it as a Friday evening, it was unexpected because it’s usually when students are partying. Sometimes it’s funny to think that we didn’t do anything for this activity, except opening the café, and it was kind of sold out : Magdalena had to find other chairs to bring them into the HRC because of the overcrowding.

This presentation is a part of the renovation corridor workshop. Next step : painting graffities on one of the walls. To be continued.


Lucile, 2018 spring term volunteer