#6 KATRINE, Denmark

Katrine Wettstein, Denmark


Katrine, Art & Crafts/Photography teacher at IPC – Photo Credit : Nam Le Cat Phuong

“I’m half Chinese half German, so by growing up in Denmark, especially 40 years ago when there were not much foreigners here, everyone was always wondering who I was and where I was from. When I was 18, I went off to China with a one way ticket to find out who I am. Actually what changed me most was my experience in Tibet. It changed me as a person completely. I came as a spoiled European kid and I was here illegally, walking with the pilgrims and hiding from the police. They were begging from house to house and being very dependent from others. Then, I went to Pakistan and India. I have a big brother who is very talented and good at everything so everyone use to tell me that I couldn’t travel alone to Pakistan so I did it. I always had to do things that people said girls couldn’t do ! It is very important for me always to try things, I love challenges. I realized how competitive people are in Europe and that makes them lonely. It ended up being 12 years of travelling! I found out that everyone had suffer and have stories to tell. People are the turning point in everything I do. What was a big change for me was when I was once walking in Tibet on a rainy day with two people and we stopped to eat raspberries on the side of the road for 3 hours. It was crazy, I never felt that happy before and I actually thought that I was ready to die. I think because you realize , if you’re not full inside, nobody can fill you, nobody can makes you happy you have to do it yourself and not blame others. We are very lucky to have the freedom to make choices. For me, every meeting is a love story but to keep loving, that is the hard part! Every day is a challenge.”