#5 MATHIAS, Belgium

Mathias Decleire, 18, Belgium


Mathias, 18 years, belgian student – Photo Credit : Nam Le Cat Phuong

“When I was 13, I went to a scout camp in Belgium. For 24 hours we had to ‘survive’ in the forest. It started to be very windy and dangerous. We had to go back to our camp but it was dark. We were walking fast and the wind started to be very violent, trees were moving, it was pretty funny. Suddenly a tree fell on two of my friends. We tried to move the tree from them, one of them was very injured, he was unconscious. Everybody was panicked, we managed to reach the camp but the two boys had to go to the hospital. It was a weird night, the next day we couldn’t do what was initially planned, we were shocked. Now everyone is ok. When I was young I used to dream to become a king! After IPC, I might study Philosophy or Psychology. Today I try to see what’s best in my life, I feel very lucky for everything I have.”