#4 KLOSE, Vietnam

Khoa Le (Klose), 31, Vietnam


Khoa Le, aka Klose, 31 years, vietnamese student- Photo credit : Nam Le Cat Phuong

“I’m a very ordinary person. While studying Computer Sciences I was working at the same time to pay the tuition fees. So with friends we created a company for software outsourcing. It is difficult to set up a company, we had to develop new knowledges, how to deal with the customers, the government, marketing… After 3 years we realized our company didn’t develop, it was only surviving but not upgrading. We had to stop that company, maybe after my studies I will start it again. A friend told me about IPC so I came to discover a new environment, European culture. My goal here is to develop my communication and my English skills. IPC is a great place to develop yourself. After 3 weeks, I feel more confident. There’re many differences from culture to culture, but it is not as far as I thought previously. I’m “a little bit” old, but being surrounded by the young energetic people makes me feel very positive, it is pleasant.
The school has a lot of useful activities beside the main subjects. I like it, despite of the cleaning/washing we have to do (but so far it’s good to be under discipline). I’m not sure how the other ones feel, but I do remember the food and warm weather in Vietnam. Anyway, this place is so beautiful.”