Lauren Sloan, 18, USA


Lauren Sloan, 18 years, USA – Photo credit : Nam Le Cat phuong

“I’ve always been a super spacy kid. I talk to myself a lot, processing characters for my stories. When I was 8 I had this super vivid dream about being near the mine pyramids. There was that guy, I didn’t know what to think about him. Growing up I realized how society surrounds us with this idea of soulmates and the pressure to finding the perfect love story. So I forced that idea that this guy was my soulmate. A few years later I went to Mexico at the pyramids ruins and saw a guy that I believed to look like the one in my dream. It was weird but it was also like hunting a person that I’m supposed to be in love with. It wasn’t until about a couple years ago that I realized what these dreams meant to me. I thought about how I truly was felling in those dreams, and it was quite uncomfortable. I used to face those walls in my bedroom (with post-its outlining a story about my daydreams and dreams) . It was a not very good dynamic. As a kid I had process weird experiences through those dreams and I was hiding the truth behind joyful ideas of being connected to a soulmate when in fact all of these dreams were about traumatic things in my life. After realizing that, I have now a much healthier idea of how relationships are supposed to be and I now think that finding one person being part of your soul is not that easy. There are so many different ways to fall in love (with people, situations, and places). It’s more about being able to live with love than waiting for it and having a specific idea because that idea was false. Who knows if I do have a soulmate but I will not wait for that to happen anymore.
A lot of the stories that I write are fictions with surreal settings or situations but I base them out of real life experiences. It helps me to see myself and other people, it makes them more real. It thought me to be more present in myself.”