#1 – Kick the Winter Blues

A few tips on what to do on a cold rainy day

After December – the month of fun, fairy lights and festivities, the early months of the year are often wet, cold, boring and can seem to be unbearably long. The Danes have a saying that goes: “Der findes ikke dårligt vejr kun forkerte klæ’r.”, what can be translated as: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”. Whether it’s rain or snow, a real Viking isn’t discouraged by the weather and it definitely won’t stop him/ her either from cycling or leaving the house. However, for those of us who need time to find our inner Viking, here are some tips on what you can do on a cold rainy day in this part of Denmark (and Sweden! Let’s not forget about Helsingborg, which is only 4km from here).

It is commonly known that a good movie, a book you simply can’t put down, interesting exhibition or a hyggelig café can lighten up even the most depressing day. If you are not in a mood for a movie, how about visiting one of great Museums or Art Galleries? Or going to a library to read and enjoy some hot beverage? Or maybe some pampering and a hot sauna? There are plenty of possibilities!

Glyptoteket and the Winter Garden (Copenhagen) 


The Museum of Ancient and Modern (it’s collection consists primarily of works of art and archaeological objects from Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, Etruscan Culture, as well as Danish and French art of the 19th century) in the city center with a beautiful winter garden in the heart of the museum where Café Glyptoteket is situated. Here you can have lunch or something sweet and take a break from visiting the museum’s exhibitions. Important! – on Tuesday’s there is a free entrance, so if you already have been to the museum, you can always come by for lunch in the Winter Garden. Read more about Glyptoteket here: https://www.glyptoteket.com/exhibitions/

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Humlebæk)


Louisiana is a fantastic modern art museum located just by the sea, 9 km south of Elsinore. The seaside area that surrounds the museum is picturesque and definitely worth the trip. The building itself is considered to be a major work of Danish modernist architecture. The museum is surrounded by a park, and whenever the weather is good enough, you can see people picnicking on the grass outside the building. There’s nothing better than enjoying the beautiful view of the sea and sculptures placed in the Museum’s garden from that spot. But be not afraid! On rainy days, the museum still has so much to offer. The exhibitions are really interesting, even just walking through the building is an experience of its own – you can look through the glazed walls at the garden and the sea, in spite of rather discouraging weather conditons outside. Find out more here: https://en.louisiana.dk/visit-louisiana

Dunkerskultur (Helsingborg)

The Dunkers Culture Center is in the very heart of Helsingborg on the coast of Öresund. The place was built and opened its doors in 2002. It is a nice building hosting many cultural events, concerts and exhibitions (amongst which from 19th January to 24th February 2018 people could visit “The Cosmic Wonderland” – first exhibition of a former student of IPC Camilla Hoffman). I found particularly interesting the way the place is organized. It continuously engages visitors and challenges the way they interpret the world around them. In Dunkers Culture Center visitors can experience both – the historical and the contemporary art as well as different types of performances and discussions on a wide variety of topics. What’s more, it’s a good spot for a cup of coffee or a tasty lunch with the view over Öresund. If you want to find out more click here: https://dunkerskulturhus.se/english/

Kulturvaerftet / Elsinore Culture Yard (Elsinore)


Elsinore’s old shipbuilding yard has been transformed into a 17.000 m2 cultural and knowledge center consisting of the main library (the library itself is 6000 m2) full of modern facilities, a large and a small stage, the Yard Museum, exhibition hall, cafeteria, arcade, meeting facilities and workshops. Here, under one roof, you will find music performances, plays, lectures, exhibitions, good food and social activities. The Culture Yard symbolizes Elsinore’s transformation from an old industrial town to a modern cultural hub. In this way, the yard is designed as a hinge between the past and present, reinforcing the identity of the local community, but at the same time expressing an international attitude, strengthening the relation between the local and global community. The library is spread over 3 floors. On the 3rd floor you will find the department of literature, newspapers and magazines and this is also where you can sit down, relax and enjoy undoubtedly the best view in North Sealand! There is free wireless network in the Culture Yard. Here you will find some additional information https://kuto.dk/

Magdalena – 2018 spring term volunteer

#1 – Kick the Winter Blues