#1 – The « Cosmic Wonderland » opening day

Right after the end of an introduction week that is a kind of an integration week for the students and the staff, full of activities and presentations, it was time for the Human Rights Cafe to have its grand opening. We wanted to give the students a chance to discover this new place, but also to create as soon as possible a place amid all these existing rooms and activities at school for the Human Rights Cafe.

Cosmic wonderland naming pictures

The 4 pictures selected by Camilla for the “naming game”

The decision was made – we planned the opening for Wednesday, 17th of January, from 2 pm to 4 pm.

For the big day, Magdalena has baked a lemon NY cheese cake (not without some adventures) which has been awaited by the students for ages, but luckly in the end it turned out to be really good. My part of the job was to prepare 2 liters of hot chocolate, following the secret recipe of Bogna, our facilitator during the project. Hot cocoa has been so far our best seller! We also bought some decorative accessories to make the room more « hyggeligt ».

The idea was to create a really cosy and warm place, where everybody would feel welcome.

The important part of the opening was a visit of one of the former students Camilla Hoffman from the 2014 Autumn term, who is now an artist,. She was studying at the IPC when Bogna was a student teacher there, what facilitated the dialogue a lot. Camilla was born in Copenhagen but lives in Helsingborg, Sweden. The city is Sweden’s closest point to Denmark, with the Danish city Helsingør clearly visible on the other side of the Øresund strait. She presented some of her works, mainly photographs from her travels to New York and Columbia that are part of her first exhibition « Cosmic Wonderland » open to view from 19th of January to 24th of February, in Helsingborg. Cosmic Wonderland is about loneliness and hope. It illustrates the way Camilla was sometimes feeling during her teenage years, and bring the message that finally, we are never alone and that each person can have a unique personality and background and be accepted. 

 Presence at the opening of the Human Rights Cafe was a good opportunity for her to warm up before the opening night of her Swedish exhibition but also a chance to share her experience at IPC. After a short presentation and an introduction to her works, during which she explained that IPC has been a real revealer of her talent and love for photography, she proposed students to name some photos which were exposed on the walls of the HRC. She has chosen three of them as her favorite : Piano bus, Isolation on the Moon and Chasing dreams. The winner received a poster signed by Camilla and the two others a coupon for a free drink at the HRC.


Almost thirty students came, and all the participant of this first event of the 2018 spring term seemed to be enjoying the moment.


Lucile – 2018 spring term volunteer